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Welcome to the GlobaloFaith (Global Faith) Blog!

Faith, spirituality, and religion have had an indelible mark on humankind throughout the ages, even into the 21st century. Although not all people consider themselves religous, religion is virtually universal. Similar to music universally vibrating in the souls of humans from ancient times, religion has been also ringing in human souls through the ages. Religion has made the universal sense of the sacred tangible through rituals and other cultural expressions. This blog is to create awareness of the positive aspects of religion, globally, even in the 21st century, and a part of efforts of working toward interfaith understanding and peace.

Join me on this journey in life of greater mutual respect and understanding of various faith and religious traditions held by millions and billions.

You can contact me, Brother Mark, at mark dot globalfaith at gmail dot com.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Major 2013 Announcement:
Light from Above: Sacred Scriptures for the 21st Century and Beyond, by Mark Ahavel, is under contract by Tate Publishing.  It has been in production in 2013 preparing for this Second Edition to be published and distributed by Tate and their distributors (including Ingram) and get out into the bookstore chains as early as early 2014.
See the new cover below (PDF file).

And please follow Brother Mark on Twitter as GlobalFaith4U.  He is planning on tweeting a majority of this book, verse by verse, starting today, all the way through 2014.  This book is such a blessing, will be a blessing to millions.  You must get a copy currently available from Amazon.com (print-on-demand order or in Kindle form) and then the Tate Publishing edition soon.

Please contact me for any questions via email:  mark dot globalfaith at gmail dot com.

Brother Mark

Friday, November 30, 2012

Light From Above: Sacred Scriptures for the 21st Century book

Dear Fellow Friends of Faith,
The waited-for book is finally out, the book I worked on all summer 2012.  God so blessed me with a rich, and shall I humbly say, amazing text!  I never thought I was possible of writing such a text as this.  It will bless millions of people, IF they read it.  Get your copy of the book.  Do not to miss out on its blessings.  There is a limited supply that I have printed locally.

The book is available from Amazon.com in book form and in Kindle form. 
Sacred Scriptures for the 21st Century and Beyond, Mark Ahavel
ISBN: 978-1480047082
It is also available on CreateSpace eStore
Through Amazon, it is also available for libraries and academic institutions.
You may also request the book directly from by emailing Brother Mark:
mark dot globalfaith at gmail dot com.

The author’s first book signing was in Barnes and Noble store, Tallahassee, FL, Saturday November 10, 2012.

Now for the highlights of the book.  Below, you will find a description of this amazing book, and several excerpts.  After getting a taste of this book, I am sure you will want to order a copy for yourself and others.

Book Description
This book is truly designed to be a complete sacred Scriptures from cover to cover, 386 pages, with the following sections: Opening Versicles, Divine Narrative, Prophecy and Prayer, Poetry and Psalms, and Wisdom and Didactic/Teaching, and concluding Exhortations.  The book is abundant in highlighting universal truths from beginning to end, and yet all brought afresh to today’s world.  The Narrative captures the voice of a sacred story teller.  It tells the untold story before the creation of the universe, God creating the heavenly Advisers and Angels, then the story of the creation of the universe, and the natural and universal stories of humankind.  The Prophecy section captures the voice of prophecy, all fresh prophecies for our age.  The Poetry and Psalms section follows with all new material also written by the author.  Then the largest section, Part IV, The Wisdom and Didactic section follows.  The voice of this section is from a religious teacher, a gifted contemporary sage, teaching many disciples, addressed to the global audience.  It contains teachings on many topics beginning with God, to faith, to the end of the world and Heaven and Hell.  The Scriptures portion of this book ends with a final Exhortation section.  What follows then are some postscripts and appendixes including an Overview of the Beliefs Expressed in these Scriptures, an Interpretation Guide for these Scriptures, the author’s biography, the author’s story of writing the book, additional comments on the book, and Sources Consulted.  This book is truly very unique, relevant, and contemporary for today's readers, religious and those interested but not necessarily religious.  One of the main purposes of this book is global peace by a new text, based on the realization that some sacred Scriptures of the past, while containing so much good, have also sowed some violence at least interpreted so by many.  This book exudes with peace toward a unity of understanding among various peoples of faith.  It is written from a monotheistic perspective yet with a tolerant and loving attitude for all peoples of various faith traditions.  This book is a must read for all.  It is inspirational, devotional, and educational.

The author is an Adjunct Professor of Religion who has been teaching the World Religions course in the Humanities department in a college the last few years.  The inspiration for writing this book came years before teaching the world religions course, as he explains in his story of writing the book in an appendix. 

Book Excerpts
From the Opening Versicles:
God, not merely the God of Jerusalem or Haifa, not merely the God of Mecca or Medina…and not merely the God of Rome or Rizvan, or any other sacred place on earth, but the global God…who through the ages has been enlightening millions of human souls around the world….p. 1*

The voice of these Scriptures is a burgeoning human voice of millions whose souls, hearts, and minds in whom this truth of a global God resonates and in whom have become more conscious in the 21st century. p. 6

From the Narrative section:
God has blessed every fiber and space of His creation, and has placed within the soul of human the capacity to receive His love and blessings.  p. 52

God gave humans ten fingers, and these ten are a sign of the ten gifts and faculties the God has given to humans which also make them unique and the crown of the earthly creation:  intelligence, will, conscience, creativity, imagination, intuition, spirit, character, virtue, and love.  Without these, a human is not a human being that God has intended.  Together, the five sacred gifts and these ten faculties gifts unpack the meaning of “made in the image of God.  And together, they make humans His special creatures among the earthly creation.  p. 52

Moreover, God endowed humans to ascent to several virtues on their path to spiritual maturity and nobility.  The five main virtues are chastity, charity, kindness, humility, and patience. p. 52

From the Prophecy and Prayer section:
    The prophets of the blessed past called their peoples to meet God of their faith, each in their appointed consecrated places.  These places, in time, each became sacred, each in their own homelands of origin.  p. 64

     My Spirit has revealed to many souls through the ages…I brought light to Moses, Zoroaster, Isaiah, Jesus, and Muhammad.  I also brought light to Gautama Buddha, Laotzu and Confucius, who each received it through the filter of their culture and understanding. p. 86

From the Poems and Psalms section:
 God Can Speak
God can speak through theophanies,
God can speak through philosophies.
God can speak through prophetic voices,
God can speak through human choices.
God can speak through cosmic rays,
God can speak through the Ancient of Days.
God can speak through heavens light,
God can speak through earth’s delights.
God can speak though whirlwinds,
God can speak through caves and dens.
God can speak from East to West, from North to South,
God can speak even through a donkey’s mouth!  p. 116

In the Garden of God
In God’s Garden is a place of light,
     In God’s garden are revelations of delight.
In God’s Garden of inspiration,
     Is your truth, tranquility, and revelation.
In the garden Heaven and Earth meet,
     A snippet of Paradise lays out on a sheet.
In the garden is fullness of delights,
     Sun and pools, and flowing fountains,
     Flowers and foliage dazzling in the light.
In the garden wafts fragrant aromas,
     Of gardenias, honeysuckle, and rose… p. 117

From the Wisdom and Didactic (Teaching) section:
From the Mountain
     On this mountain, you all have gathered, beloved children of God, from so many nations, tribes, races, and languages.  We all have God in common.  Together we hold the common belief in the eternal Sovereign Supreme God of the universe who is mysterious and powerful, to be feared, yet He loves us unimaginably.
     You have come in the Spirit of truth to receive a greater understanding of the truths of Scriptures past and present.  p. 129

The Oneness and Unity of Reality
     From most ancient of days to the present, O learned ones, peoples’ beliefs and worldviews were profoundly marked by this fundamental understanding of the oneness of Reality.  From thousands of years ago, how far back in time we know not, but human beings in most cultures perceived that somehow there was some unified invisible power that held all things in common, from Native Americans to ancient Asians, Africans, etc.  And this deep perception from within the soul of humans, to all the reality around, did develop into clearer, more concrete beliefs.  Philosophers would later call this belief: monism.  Virtually all cultures have manifested at least some aspect of monism which sees one fundamental reality behind all things on Earth, the seas, and the heavens above.  Polytheists, pantheists, monotheists, and even non-theists evidenced aspects of monism.  For the non-theist religion and philosophy of Taoism, the Tao is that one fundamental reality,  p. 144

*The page numbers are from the Amazon.com version.  The locally printed version has a total of 318 pages instead of 386, reduced by the change of font size from 12 pt. to 11pt.  But it is the same book otherwise.

Plans are to distribute this book globally, including getting it translated into many languages.  But currently seeking reviewers and getting it distributed to the major bookstore chains in the U.S.  If you are an editor and would like to review this book, please contact me.
And for anyone, for any questions or comments in general or specifically about this book, please contact me.
You can through this blog site or message to: mark dot globalfaith at gmail dot com.

God richly bless you,
Brother Mark

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Global Faith Movement, Ministry, or Org.

Dear Friends of Faith around the world,

During this time, this season of my life, I am focused on the Global Faith book series to which I committed myself at the beginning of 2010 thereby completing the first book in the series and self publishing it by the end of November the same year: Global Prayers for All People: Various Occasions, Many Faith Traditions.  The exciting news this week is that I finally got this book listed on Amazon.com.  It is currently available immediately on Kindle, and the print version should be ready for order soon.  If you would like to check the listing out on Amazon.com, click on this link:  http://tinyurl.com/8xfsqum

I am currently working on the second book of the Global Faith series.  I am boldly calling it "Sacred Scriptures" in the new title, not out of presumption or arrogance but out of a strong sense of faith that this book will be considered a sacred text by other people perhaps in my generation and in the generations to come.  I believe God's Spirit has poured and flowed through my thoughts, and given me wonderful words to share with the world.  All of it is intended in the spirit of peace.  While I believe that portions of a spirit of prophecy may be found in the book (such as in the Wisdom and Prophecy section), I refrain though from lifting myself up in claiming to be a prophet to the world, and likewise, as I'll state in the Author's comments, that I don't make claim to a full inspiration in the sense of the Biblical Christian doctrine on the Bible.  In the least, it will be a blessed religious read for the world, if only devotionally.

In mentioning my focus on my Global Faith book series during this season of life leads me to the next discussion of: Global Faith Movement and Ministry Verses Global Faith Organization.  In 2009 and 2010, I had planned soon to create the non-profit organization to seek funding in support of my Global Prayer efforts (http://globalprayingservants.com/) and the Global Faith book series.  I now see it may be another few years before the setting up a nonprofit organization.  But the Global Faith Movement and Ministry continues!  And I am setting up a business name to publish my books, with the exception of IF I obtain a publisher for book #2.  

May you be blessed, may your needs be met, may you deeply sense the Sacred and regularly lift up your prayers to the Source, believing, and may your good dreams comes true! 

Brother Mark

Have you taken the Global Faith Pledge yet?  You'd be surprised.  Its so basic and broad, looking for the universals in humanity, such that virtually all people with faith in God could accept.  I recommend you to print and sign your pledge and keep it for your own record.  I encourage you to email me too to let me know you have taken the pledge.  Brother Mark  Email: mark dot globalfaith at gmail dot com.

1.  I believe in the innate dignity of every human being, regardless of race

2.  I believe in the mutual respect of all human beings regardless of particular creed, faith, religion.

3.  I believe in having a basic religious tolerance of all others whose faith or religion may be different from mine.

4.  I believe in a freedom of faith that is foremost a spiritual freedom, and the freedom to practice one's own faith, recognizing that some peoples live in countries that restrict their religious freedom in the temporal realm, but blessed are all those who are spiritually free.

5.  I believe that each person should seek truth for him or herself, to know it themselves in their own beings, and that they should be free to seek and study in their spiritual journey of life.

6.  I feel each person should be guided by their own conscience and not forced to go against their own conscience.

7.  I will strive to be moral in my conduct at home and in the community and public.  I will strive to do the right thing, and to be an example of good living to my family, to young people, and before the community.

Global Faith Ministry encourages humanity toward mutual respect and understanding among faith traditions, world religions, in the spirit of peace and the Golden Rule toward spiritual maturity globally, through blogging, writing, speaking, dialoging, gathering, and engaging in ministry.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Global Faith Work Updates

The purpose of Global Faith Org is ecumenical, to build understanding among peoples of various faiths. It is a-political, NOT about trying to unite any religious groups into a political force. It is the founder's firm belief from studying historic religions that have conflicted with nations and countries, that a primary factor was because the religion became politically powerful and the existing temporal powers felt their own power threatened. True religion excels and shines where it is meant to shine: inspiring humanity to the realm of transcendent and building the spiritual nobility of humans: faith, love, hope, peace, kindness, etc. Global Faith Org works to build peace among fellow humans through faith education and must remain apolitical in temporal secular affairs. Global Faith focuses on encouraging humanity toward mutual respect and understanding among faith traditions, world religions, in the spirit of peace and the Golden Rule toward spiritual maturity globally, through blogging, writing, speaking, dialoging, gathering, and engaging in ministry, and creating a network of "Global Faith" peoples who also are "ambassadors" of Global Faith.

Dear Fellow People of Faiths Near and Far,
Though you may not find regular (e.g. weekly or monthly) posts on this blog (but you can follow my more regular Tweets on Twitter, GlobalFaith4U), it does not mean that I am not active in my work and mission of Global Faith education. My World Religions course I teach at a college keeps me fairly busy, continually studying more myself in each religion to increase my understanding, and creating new strategies to engage my students instead of just continually lecturing at them.

My number 1 goal for this year is to complete the next book in the Global Faith Series. I had it titled "Global Faith: Universal and Existential." But I am re-titling it "Sacred Scriptures for the 21st Century and Beyond," because it has been planned from the first to become a sacred text, not by sheer individual human will fiat, but by a vision of the Spirit's leading, I believe, that it will eventually become a sacred text for many of various nations and cultures. It will be a blend of many thought patterns from various previous sacred texts of the ages brought into the current age AND fresh material that has come to me, I believe by the Spirit of God. It will all be woven together in such a way as perhaps creating a beautiful sacred literary masterpiece, which in some respects I do not even feel qualified to attempt. But all wonderful thoughts that have come to me, I am compelled out of sheer goodness, out of love of God and fellow human beings, to set all this in writing and publish for the world. Few in history have undertaken the task of writing a text that became a sacred text. I am very humbled at this prospect, but all that has been given me, that which as already been written down on paper with pen (I just need to organize and type it up) I truly feel that this text will be deemed worthy of being called a "sacred" text.

My students are on spring break this week, which gives me some extra time to get back to this sacred project. But before I engaged in it, yesterday, Monday, I first wanted to write "Guiding Thoughts and Questions for Visiting Houses of Worship for the Purpose of Studying the Various Faiths/Religions. I conceived it simply as a few page handout for leading or facilitating local groups to visit and then discuss afterwards to increase their learning of the various faiths. For years I have been planning to engage the local community in this way. After I wrote up the engaging thoughts and questions, I decided to put it into a booklet format which will be easier for the participants for carrying in and out of the places they visit. Therefore then, with this format and title and copyright symbol and date, I sent it off to a local printers. And I submitted a Public Service Announcement for the local newspaper for this new local group. It is open to all: non-student life-long learners and students alike.

This should even become a model for the Global Faith Movement, an important method of engaging the communities in faith education. My model is that groups form from those who respond to the announcement(s). The visits could be once a month or more than that. I presume that more than one person will be interested, thus a "group." After the house of worship visit, the groups should meet to discuss with each other, going through the questions in the Guide, sharing some of their notes (there is space between the questions for writing notes). The discussion is also an important part of the learning process. Even if a large group of 10 people visit any particular "house," each one will have a different experience. So you learn from others as well as from your own experience too. And I recommend the group to meet and discuss soon after the visit, within the next few days. Meeting right after the visit, such as for lunch or brunch may be ideal, while the experience is most fresh.

This Guide with is group use plan, designed to be used at virtually any house of worship or sacred interior space by anyone who is studying faiths more, can become a new model for people studying faiths through visiting actual gathering places. The "Guiding Thoughts and Questions for Visitors to Houses of Worship for...Study..." is a total of 12 pages long (in this booklet format) including an introduction with pre-visit thoughts to prepare for the visit. The main portion leads the learner to reflect on all the main aspects of the experience in the interior space: the lighting/ambiance, the physical setting and design, the images/paintings/symbols (if any) to the rituals of both the leaders and people gathered for the service, to the deeper meaning, the theological and philosophical beliefs behind both the elements in the service and the surroundings. This Guide will sure be a help to many. You can request a copy or a number of copies for a small donation to cover the cost of printing and shipping, by emailing me.

Guiding Thoughts and Questions
for Visitors to Houses of Worship
for the Purpose of Studying the Beliefs of Various Faiths/ Religions©
Mark Ahavel

Global Faith Org. Tallahassee, FL

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Global Faith: A Model for the 21st Century

Dear Friends of Faith,
I am very pleased to announce the near completion of the next book (actually booklet) in the Global Faith book series: Global Faith: A Model for the 21st Century. You may go ahead and request your copies for a suggestion donation of $5 (US Dollars) by emailing me at:
mark.globalfaith@gmail.com. It will soon be going to the printers.

This book summarizes and articulates the Global Faith I am defining, and presenting it as a model for people of faith, religion buffs, scholars, leaders, and common ordinary folks, globally.

This excerpt in an overview of the overview of this Model:

Worldview: Theistic
Belief System Category: Monotheistic, universal/global
Mutual Respect and Tolerance for all people, whatever creed, ethnicity, race, nationality, or gender
Not sponsored by any establish Religion or religious Institution
International - Multicultural
Equality of all Humans of all ethnicities, races, genders, creeds, & socio-economic status
Heart for Service and Ministry
Made up Volunteers
Global Faith: A Movement
A Caring community

Each of the qualities, characteristics in the above list all contribute to the defining of this Global Faith and Global Faith Movement. Each of them are explained and expounded upon in the book. The book also includes Vision and Mission statements, and a near comprehensive list of values, highlighting some main ones are: human dignity, mutual respect, tolerance, love, and peace.

This simple and yet profound global faith booklet is a must read for all peoples of faith and those who are searching for the meaning of faith.